Take the advantage of the possibility to rent a motorboat in our facilities.

Would you like to become the captain on the waves of Orava Lake and give a lift to your wife, girlfriend or any member of your family?

You do not need more than to give yourself a try for sailing experience and make an ordinary day extraordinary.

We offer different types of petrol powered boats.

Our boats have engines up to 5 HP, and they do not require a special driving license (they are for everyone).

Price list:

Boats  1 Hour  3 Hours  Day 9:00 – 18:00
Small boats up to 4,5m  20€  50€  80€
Large boats over 5,5m  30€  70€  100€

*** In price: Instructions for driving, petrol for the whole rental period, oars, life vests, ropes and anchor.  50€. If you are interested to rent, we only need a proof of your identity and refundable deposit of

Our petrol-powered boats: