If you prefer a calm voyage with the captain and you want to explore the beauty of Orava Lake on the deck of the ship, we also have an option for you.

There is a large spacious boat for 11 persons.

You can take your friends with you and the captain can immerse you into history of the origin Orava Lake and show you all of its enchanting spots.

Visit us and enjoy the summer sailing on the water.

Price list: 

  1. Round trip departing from the campsite and passing around the islands, sailing for 30min. Price 30 € per boat.
  2. Round trip departing from the campsite around the islands and landing on the Slanic Island. Price 40 € per boat.
  3. Trip according to your wish. You can sail whenever you want and how long you want. Price 1min/1€ per boat.

We are preparing for the summer:

Morning trips: Sailing before 10:00am. Peaceable trip to the center of the lake for a peaceful enjoyment of morning coffee viewing the beauty of the Orava Lake.

Evening trips: The same trip but after 18:00.


Sailing Tours